Moving a Call Center Stats PRO license from one server to another

How to Revoke your Call Center Stats PRO license

In order to migrate your Call Center Stats PRO license from one server to another, you have to revoke the license on the original server, so your activation code becomes available to be used on the new server/installation.

To revoke your current installation license, log in as admin and then browse to:


Replace "your.server" with the actual server hostname or IP address you normally use.

Once that pages loads, you will be given the option to revoke the license. Click the Revoke button and wait for the process to finish. Once that is done, your activation code will be released and ready to be used on the new server.

Important: You must know your activation code in order to register the new server.

How to migrate data from one server to another

All data for Asternic CCStats is stored on a MySQL database. By default the database name is "qstats".


You might have a different database name depending on how the software was installed, or if you migrated from the lite version. So be sure to check your database name by looking at the config.php file, and check the $DBNAME variable.

You will need to dump all information contained within to a file, transfer that file to the new server, so you can then import it on the same database. You must know the mysql root password in order to dump data, be sure you have it handy. So, log into the original server via ssh or similar and run the following command to dump the database:

#> mysqldump -uroot -p --routines --triggers -B qstats > /tmp/qstats.sql

Then compress the file so it gets smaller in size:

#> cd /tmp
#> gzip qstats.sql

You will end up with a file named qstats.sql.gz in the /tmp directory. You need to copy that file over the new server, you can do so via scp or a similar tool, for example (replace the ip address of the destination server to the correct one):

#> scp /tmp/qstats.sql.gz root@

Once you have that file on the new server, you can then recreate the database and tables. Be careful as this procedure will destroy your existing qstats database and replicate the original one as is. So, log into the new server and run:

#> cd /tmp
#> gunzip qstats.sql.gz
#> mysql -u root -p < qstats.sql

That's it, you have recreated the database from the old server onto the new one.


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