Enabling Audit Logs in FOP2

If you need to log every action your users perform in FOP2, you can enable the audit log for it.

When that is enabled, a log file will be writing on disk, with a format similar to the asterisk queue_log file, that you can use to analyze every action performed by your users.

In order to enable the audit log, you will have to modify the startup OPTIONS and add the proper command line parameters to it.

If your distro is RedHat/Centos based, the file to modify is /etc/sysconfig/fop2.

If your distro is Debian based, then you have to modify the file /etc/default/fop2

In that file there is a single line defining the OPTIONS variable, where you can pass all the command line options you want for the fop2_server, in a default install you will see something like this (you might have additional options as shown in here, this is just a reference):


Remember that if you have any other options in that line, leave them as they are, you do not want to remove already existing options, just add another one at the very end.

So, go ahead  and modify the OPTIONS string and pass the audit command line option (-a) with the name of the log file, for example:

OPTIONS="-d -a /var/log/fop2_audit.log"

Save the file and restart FOP2:

#> service fop2 restart

Then you will see that /var/log/fop2_audit.log will be populated with actions performed by your FOP2 users.

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