How to log member names on ADDMEMBER and PAUSEUNPAUSE events

Back in the day, when AgentCallbackLogin was deprecated, it was replaced by the AddQueueMember application that got a series of enhancements to mimic what was available with the old method. Among those was the option to set a member name for a device when adding it into the queue.

This worked well for situations when you needed hotdesking, where the same phone was used by different agents depending on the time of the day.

However, the implementation was partial. All queue events where using the member name for call events, but add/remove , pause/unpause events still showed the device name, instead of the member name.

This creates a problem for reporters like Asternic, as effectively in the log file you will have two different values representing the same person, for example:

John Doe
And there is no way to relate one with the other just by inspecting the log files.

As this bug/feature was there for long, it is considered now the default behaviour, however developers set the option so those events use the actual member name and not the device name. This is available on Asterisk since version 11. To enable it, in queues.conf set the following:

log_membername_as_agent = yes

This will make all add/remove/pause/unpause events to have the member name and not the device name, making the logs (and Asternic reports) more consistent.

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