How to move a license to another server and upgrade to a new version at the same time


You have an old server with FOP2 installed, and want to upgrade hardware and software. So you prepare a new and better server and install Asterisk and FOP2 latest version on it.

Now you need to transfer the license from the old server to the new one. This guide will explain the proper steps to do that.


If your license is older than a year, you will have to buy and apply the Annual Software Maintenance upgrade code ($20, you can purchase it from our online shop).

If your license is not renewed after one year or purchase, you won't be able to activate the newer version on the new server.

Anyways, you stil have the option to install the same FOP2 version you have in the old server into the new one. In this case you do not need to purchase the Annual Software Maintenance.

You also need to know your original activation code. Without it you won't be able to perform revoke or register actions, that are a key step for moving your license.

If you do not remember your activation code, contact us with information about your purchase to see if we can retrieve it for you. Otherwise you will need to buy a new license.

Also, you *must* have a valid license in the old/original server. If that server lost its license, then you won't be able to upgrade it.

Moving the License

After getting the annual maintenance upgrade code via email, you must apply it on the old/original server. The command to use that upgrade code is by running, on the old and licensed server the following command:

/usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --upgrade

Remember that you can only upgrade if you do have a valid license on that server. If the license is broken, you won't be able to apply any upgrades. In that case you will have to open a ticket requesting your activation code to be manually revoked.

Once that is done, you should download the latest FOP2 version (on the same old/original server), extract it and run make to upgrade it and match the same version you will use on the new server.  

Now that you have the license and the new version upgraded, it is time to revoke the license so you can transfer it later to the new server. You will be prompted for the activation code, so you must know that in advance. Use this command to do the revocation:

/usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --revoke

After successful revocation, on the new server you will be able to activate by using this command:

/usr/local/fop2/fop2_server --register

Finally restart FOP2 on the new server with the command:

service fop2 restart

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