How to remove agents or queues from Reports

Asternic Call Center Stats is a reporting application. As such, anything that gets logged as activity for your queues will have its place on the reports, and it will stay there for historic reasons. That means that you can have an agent today taking calls, but that agent might be gone next month. However, that agent and all data associated will remain in the reports even when the agent is not part of your organization anymore.

Keeping that data is important, so Asternic won't remove agents or queues even if you remove them from your sytem.

However, there are times that you might want to just remove those entries from your system, as that information might be considered not important anymore, or you do not need to have them for historic reasons.

In this cases, you will have to manipulate Asternic database tables by hand. It is not too complicated to do, but requires access to a MySQL client. Here is an example on how to do it using the command line MySQL client.

Suppose you want to remove agent named "John Doe". You no longer want that agent to be visible in the Agents select box on the Home tab from Asternic, and you do not care about calls that might have been taken by him. In order to remove it run this command:

mysql -u root -p qstats -e "DELETE FROM qagent WHERE agent='John Doe'"

That will effectively remove John Doe from the list of available agents on Asternic reports.

For removing queues, the process is similar, but on a different table:

mysql -u root -p qstats -e "DELETE FROM qname WHERE queue='Default'"

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