How to change presence options in FOP2?

NOTE: In newer FOP2 versions you can just go to FOP2 Manager (the admin section) and click on Settings. You will see several settings, there are a lot so you will need to go to latest page of options to find it, from there you can customize FOP2 presence options.


FOP2 has a visual element that lets you change a user "presence" via a simple drop down. You can use that to set a phone into DND mode (using the appropriate plugin, like the Presence BOX DND integration for FreePBX), or to pause queue members (using the Queue Pause from Presence box plugin).

There are a number of preconfigured reasons, but you can change them at will by editing the file /var/www/html/fop2/js/presence.js and setting it the way you like, this is the default configuration:

var presence = new Object();
presence[''] = '';
presence['Do not Disturb'] = '#FF8A8A';
presence['Out to lunch'] = '#57BCD9';
presence['Break'] = '#6094DB';
presence['Meeting'] = '#CDD11B';

You can change the reasons to whatever reasons you prefer. The first empty option is required and will be marked as the 'Available' state.

The other reasons can be changed to whatever you like. The value you see with those strange strings are actually hexadecimal color representations.

FOP2 will also show an option named "Other" that will let the user select whatever string/reason he likes.

Sometimes you do not want users to chose what reasons to write, in that case, you can disable that "other" option by login into the FOP2 Manager (http://your.server/fop2/admin), selecting Settings from there and changing disablePresenceOther to true.

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