How to reset/purge Asternic Call Center Stats tables to zero

If you want to reset the statistics on some installation and start from zero, you will need to perform a couple of steps:

First of all, you want to tell Asterisk to start a new queue activity log file (as it might have that old data you do not want to see). You can do that by rotating the logs, using this command:

#> asterisk -rx "logger reload"

Once your log file is clean, it is time to work on the Asternic side of things, first stop the asterniclog service with the command:

#> service asterniclog stop

Then you must clean/purge the tables, you can do so with this command

#> /usr/local/parselog/asterniclog -u qstatsUser -p qstatsPassw0rd -d qstats --purge

You might need to specify a different user (-u) and password (-p) if you are not using the default ones (you will get a permission error).

Confirm the action with "yes" (as it will remove with no possibility of recovery all of the stored data).

Finally, start the asterniclog service again

#> service asterniclog start

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