No queues or agents to select after installing (CCStats Lite)

IMPORTANT: This guide is for Asternic Call Center Stats Lite. It does *not* apply to Call Center Stats PRO.

After installing Asternic Call Center Stats Lite you open the reports with your browser, and to your surprise there are no Agents or Queues to select and run a report.

In Asternic you cannot add agents or queues, there is no facility to do that. It is actually not needed, as Asternic will run reports based on log information you already have, and queues and agents are stored in that log file.

So, if you do not see anything for selection, either you have no data in your log file, or the process to parse that log file into Asternic own database failed.

So, first check if you do have the log file and it has actual content, run this command:

grep ENTER /var/log/asterisk/queue_log

You must see some output lines similar to this one:


If not, then your log file is empty or does not have any queue activity logged. Be sure you are using queues, and be sure to place a call into the queue. After that, check with the same command.

Once you know you have data in the log file, then you must be sure that the file is parsed and its data populated into the database.

In Asternic Lite, the script to parse the log file is located in /usr/local/parselog and its name is parselog.php

As detailed on the installation guide, you must edit the config.php file found on that same directory and be sure it has correct mysql credentials.  So open up config.php and be sure it has correct mysql credentials and correct mysql database name.

After that try to run the script by hand:

cd /usr/local/parselog
php parselog.php convertlocal

Do you see any output? If you see "ERROR EN LA BASE DE DATOS" errors it means mysql credentails are incorrect or the mysql datbase is incorrect or was not created, so please review those.

If you do not see any errors, then the log file was processed and now you should see Agents and Queues for selection in the web reports.

Finally, be sure you have the cron job set up as described in the install guide, so the system parses the log file at intervals to add new data as its being written into the log.

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