How to pause queue members with a reason from FOP2

There are two different ways you can pause queue members with a specific reason from FOP2.

Global Option for Call Center Supervisors.

If you want a supervisor to set pauses with specific reasons for members of his group, then you can enable the global option to pause with reasons.

The feature is not enabled by default, you should define your own reasons in a configuration file.

In order to enable the feature, you will have to edit that configuration file on the server. Go ahead and log into your server command line and open the following file with your favorite text editor:


In that file there is a commented section for reasons:

/* Uncomment the following to enable pause menu with reasons 
var pauseReasons = new Object();
pauseReasons['Break'] = 1;
pauseReasons['Lunch'] = 2;

Just remove the comments and then change the names and values to whatever you like:

var pauseReasons = new Object();
pauseReasons['Break'] = 1;
pauseReasons['Lunch'] = 2;

Finally, refresh your browser cache and log to FOP2 again. After that, you should be able to select a reason for pausing queue members by clicking on the queue member icon on the queue button and reasons will appear as submenus over the pause action.

Remember that in order to see the pause / unpause options in the Actions submenu for queue members your FOP2 user must have the "queuemanager" permission.

Individual Option for Agents

If you want to use FOP2 as an Agent console, and want your agents to pause/unpause themselves with a specific reason, then a more suitable option would be to install the plugin "Queue Pause from Presence box"

You can install that plugin by login into the FOP2 Manager (http://your.server/fop2/admin), selecting the Plugins tab and installing from there.

It is very important to note that if you use this plugin, you must uninstall the "Presence Box DND Integration" plugin if you have it.

There is a simple reason to it, if you tie two different presence states to one GUI element, they will overlap. You could pause with reason from FOP2, but then someone can dial the feature code on their phone to unset DND, and that will clear the visual presence option in FOP2 (but will not clear the actual pause on the queue).

So, if you want to use the presence feature in FOP2 for queue pauses, install the plugin for it and uninstall the DND integration one.

After installing the Queue Pause plugin (and uninstalling the Presence Box DND plugin if you had it), be sure to mark it as global by clicking the 'global' checkbox, and finally restart FOP2 from the command line:

service fop2 restart

After that, whenever you change presence from FOP2, it will actually pause that queue member with the specific reason configured.

If you want to change/configure the different reasons you might have, you will have to edit the file /var/www/html/fop2/js/presence.js where you can set them as you whish with your favorite text editor.

This article describe how to do that.

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